A Priest and Art Lover’s Perspective of the Pietà

One of the most beautiful statues in the world is Michaelangelo’s Pietà. It was sculpted around 1498 and is housed in St Peter’s Basilica. Why not grab yourselves a cup of tea (or even coffee) and listen to this 9-minute talk by art aficionado Lynne Hanley and Father Christopher Whitehead who offer an ‘art perspective’ and ‘priest’s perspective’ of this amazing piece of art?

One thought on “A Priest and Art Lover’s Perspective of the Pietà”

  1. The picture of Michael Angelos statue brought back memories for me of last year where I spent the Easter vigil and Easter Sunday mass in the. Vatican City in St Peters Basilica and the Square where I took holy communion.
    This year had been so different
    I have followed the Holy Week services from St Helen’s and Easter Sunday mass from St Peters Basilica. It is not the same being on one’s own
    I hope we can all get together soon
    Until then
    Thank you Father John
    Stay safe everyone 🙏

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