2nd Quarter 2015 Archived Newsletters

17th Sunday of the Year (26th July, 2015)
16th Sunday of the Year (19th July, 2015)
15th Sunday of the Year (12th July, 2015)
14th Sunday of the Year (5th July, 2015)
Saint Peter and Saint Paul (28th June, 2015)
12th Sunday of the Year (21st June, 2015)
11th Sunday of the Year (year B) (14th June, 2015)
The Body and Blood of Christ (7th June, 2015)
The Holy Trinity (31st May, 2015)
Pentecost (24th May, 2015)
The Ascension of the Lord (17th May, 2015)
6th Easter Sunday (10th May, 2015)
5th Easter Sunday (3rd May, 2015)
4th Easter Sunday  (26th April, 2015)
3rd Easter Sunday (Year B) (19th April, 2015)
2nd Easter Sunday (Year B) (12th April, 2015)
The Resurrection (5th April, 2015)

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