3rd Quarter 2014 Archived Newsletters

26th Sunday of the Year (27th September, 2014)
25th Sunday of the Year  (20th September, 2014)
The Triumph of the Cross (13th September, 2014)
23rd Sunday of the Year (6th September, 2014)
22nd Sunday of the Year (31st August, 2014)
21st Sunday of the Year (24th August, 2014)
20th Sunday of the Year  (17th August, 2014)
19th Sunday of the Year (10th August, 2014)
18th Sunday of the Year (3rd August, 2014)
17th Sunday of the Year (27th July, 2014)
16th Sunday of the Year (20th July, 2014)
15th Sunday of the Year  (13th July, 2014)
14th Sunday of the Year (year A) (6th July, 2014)

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All these documents are in pdf format. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat, please click on this link to download the FREE version.

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