A Calling To All

As school starts up again, the Parish also swings into its educative cycle. But we speak of ‘catechesis’, rather than teaching. They are close, but should not be confused. RE is teaching and learning about religion – a subject which doesn’t necessarily demand belief from teacher, or pupil. But Catechesis, such as preparing for the sacraments, or the children’s liturgy of the Word, is something very different: It is faith talking to faith. The faith of the catechist speaks to and stirs up the faith of the children, young people, or adults they work with (and often the other way too). In this way, we are all called to be Catechists for one another in the Parish, and to be Catechised. This is what we will enjoy with Elliot (our seminarian who joins us this year); this is what parents are called to at home; This is what we work at in sacramental preparation; this is the ‘added on’ that our teachers give in our ‘faith schools’; and this is the life of our Parish. Where and how do you share faith now (you might be surprised!)? Where and how could you, or would you like to do more?

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