Buy Real Easter Eggs This Easter

real-easter-eggs80 million Easter eggs are sold each year and not one of them mentions Jesus on the box. Until now!

The Real Easter Egg is now in its third year of production and for the first time, and after much lobbying by Christian groups, these eggs will be appearing in supermarkets like Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Co-ops across the country. Each egg costs £3.99, is made from 125g of high quality Fairtrade milk chocolate, which has an approval rating of more than 95% and with each sale they make a donation to Traidcraft Exchange (over £40,000 has been donated so far to this and other charities). The company behind it is The Meaningful Chocolate Company, a Christian fair trade group based in Manchester which donates its profits to charity.

According to the Telegraph:

Tesco has agreed to put them on the shelves in 450 large stores, while Morrison’s and the Co-Op will also have them on sale across the country. Sainsbury’s has agreed a trial at around 50 branches and Waitrose has also agreed to a smaller trial. Asda has shunned the trial completely.


The egg is unique in that it features:

  • three crosses on the front
  • the Easter story is explained on the box and inside it
  • there is a quote from the bible – the resurrection text from Mark on the lid and
  • it includes an activity poster and sticker set.

You can buy the eggs direct from their online store if you can’t find them in supermarkets. Alternatively, you could lobby your local supermarket through Facebook, Twitter or email.

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