Cafod’s Dig Deep Lent Appeal


He was born in the middle of a brutal civil war and as a baby, his mother fed him rice pap to keep him alive. Even in peace time he is facing hunger and hardship on a daily basis.

His family cannot afford to send him to school with his younger brother and sister, and so Mohammed must work in the fields, growing food to eat and sell. Yet he still doesn’t know if they will eat tomorrow.

Mohammed and his family face many challenges. The family often go hungry. They are at the mercy of an unpredictable climate. Things are particularly bad during the hungry season – between the planting and harvesting of crops.

But Mohammed never gives up hope that one day he will be able to go back to school.

CAFOD is working on innovative projects to reclaim fertile land. With your support, these projects can help families like Mohammed’s improve the amount of food that they grow. The little extra they sell, they are able to save the money and put it towards helping Mohammed fulfil his dream of finishing school.

During Lent, as we think about the ways in which we can change our own lives, we can also make an amazing difference to the world’s poorest people.

Dig deep this Lent. Donate now and change the lives of children like Mohammed >>

Save lives this Lent

£20 can buy a wheelbarrow for a farmer to transport food from their land to home

£50 can provide tools for 10 farmers to clear their land

£76 can pay for a trainer to teach a farmer how to cultivate swampland

£160 can pay a mother-child health worker’s salary for one month

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