St Helen’s Secret Santa Appeal  

christmasAs it is the time of year where we think about others, the Evangelisation team at St. Helen’s church would like your help in supporting disadvantaged children throughout the Caerphilly Borough this Christmas.

Could you donate a small (or large) gift? Stocking fillers? Suitable for a boy or a girl of any age from babies to 16 year olds.

All of the gifts donated (we ask that all items are new and unused) will be delivered to Caerphilly Council who will allocate them to the appropriate child.

Please could the gifts be unwrapped and placed in the box in the entrance of the church or handed in to the office at St. Helen’s school.

Last day for the gifts to be handed in:

School – Friday 24th November

Church – Sunday 26th November

We would like to thank you for your generosity


wish you all a very Holy and Happy Christmas. ✝️ 🎄


St Helen’s Church AGM and Report

As many of you are aware, the St Helen’s Annual General Meeting will take place on the 26th September. Here is the letter from Father Kelly and just below it you can download the AGM Report. We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible on Tuesday 26th September, 2017.

Dear Fellow Parishioners

On Tuesday 26th September, we are all invited to an ‘Annual General Meeting’ of the Parish at 7.00pm. Not an invitation or a title to send us into spasms of excitement!

However, this evening is not planned or proposed as the stiff business affair the title suggests. Rather it is an opportunity for us to celebrate together a year of shared faith, thank and congratulate each other for the prayer, care, and communion we have received and given, if necessary note and seek to iron out individual difficulties or communal problems, and shape together and look forward to the year to come in the Parish.

So yes, a busy evening, but important for us all and for the Parish. To help us prepare, the various parish groups and ministries have produced these reports of the year past. Many thanks to them for the reports, and for the year of Christian work and ministry they relate. Representatives of each group are asked to be present on the evening to answer your questions and hear your comments and suggestions: An opportunity and call to us all to continue and build up the life and mission of our Parish.

Please read and enjoy the reports, and come to discuss and further them and any other Parish issues on Tuesday 26th September at 7.00pm in the Parish Hall.

May God continue to pour out his blessings on us as a Parish, and each of us individually.


John Kelly

Download AGM Report 2017

First National Family Groups Mass

Thank you and congratulations to the Family Groups who trecked to England to join in the ‘First National Family Groups Mass’ in Northampton. Gloria Moruzzi received a candle from Bishop Peter Doyle of Northampton on behalf of our group: The candle is
on display this weekend and will be used in future Family Group events. The Group also brought back copies of the Order of Service, which are available in the porch.

Great Three Days of Easter – Holy Saturday

Victory over the Grave by Bernard PlockhorstWe continue our fasting in exited anticipation until … The Easter Vigil, waiting and watching, starts after nightfall. This is the time, above all others, for us to recommit and dedicate ourselves again in faith. An Easter fire is lit, and lights up every thing around. From it, we light the Easter Candle. The Candle is solemnly carried into church as the sign of the Light of Christ which overcomes the darkness of sin and death. In that light we read the story of what God has done for us from the dawn of creation until today, in the scriptures. We all renew our faith, and our Baptism into the Risen Christ. And so we go forward together to share in the food and drink of Life. As we make our prayers and sing our praises, our hope is that the Holy Spirit will free in our lives the full power of Christ’s Rising from the Dead.

Our Services
10.00 am – The Office of Readings and Morning Prayer of the Church
11.00 am – Blessing of Easter Baskets
8.30 pmThe Solemn Vigil and Mass of the Resurrection of Our Lord

Great Three Days of Easter – Good Friday

Christ Carrying the Cross, El Greco (1580)On Good Friday Jesus Christ gave his life for us. Though innocent, by allowing himself to be a scapegoat he showed the depth of his love. His example of loving service shows us how we are to live too. A day of fasting and abstinence, in eager anticipation of Easter.

But if we just felt sad that our sin put him on the cross, then we would be missing the point. Good Friday is not meant to make us feel bad. On ‘Good’Friday we remember that we are sinners, but we also glory in the victory that Christ won over sin and death, to set us free. This is not a passion play, and we gather knowing that Christ rose from the dead. So even on Good Friday we rejoice in the triumph of good over evil.

Our Services
10.00 am – The Office of Readings and Morning Prayer of the Church
12 noon – ‘Pop-up’ Stations, starting outside Morisons
3.00 pmThe Celebration of Our Lord’s Passion
7.00 pm – The Way of the Cross

Maundy Thursday

Última_Cena_-_Juan_de_JuanesThe word “Maundy” is from the Latin word for “command”: This night we recall Christ’s command to do what he did at the last supper: He washed the feet of his disciples, as a sign of service. If we wash feet in our liturgy it is not as play-acting or as a welcome diversion from the praying: It is a sign that we want, and are beginning, to serve all our brothers and sisters just as Christ himself did.

The second part of our celebration this night is “Eucharist”, thanksgiving. We remember that Jesus gave us bread and wine to be his Body and Blood this day. Strangely enough, the washing of the feet and the breaking of bread are inseparably linked. Only if we agree to serve each other can we share communion. Attending the Mass of the Lord’s Supper is an invitation to be nourished by the food of life. But it also involves a commitment to become part of a community that grows by loving.

The Mass of Our Lord’s Supper: 7.30 pm

Watching with Christ in the Place of Repose, in the Hall: 8.30 pm – 11.45 pm

Compline (Night prayer of the church): 11.45pm