Every Blessing to our Children Sharing Communion for the First Time

Every Blessing to our Children Sharing Communion for the first time this weekend, and to their families.

At 6.30pm on Saturday: Mark Catulinan, Louis Chadd, Samuel Deane, Leo King, Jessica Lowe, Rowan Lyons, William Morse, Aine and Owain Murphy, Andrew Raven, Benjamin and Esme Wall, and Luca Zenati- Parsons.

At 10.30am on Sunday: Gabriele Batenga, Ethan Boswell, Zofia Chowdhury, Cian and Sean Cooper, Holly Curtis, Katie Donovan, Julia Dziadosz, Marie Faulkner,Elisha Gough, Thomas Jeffries, Cari Jones, Rohan Mathew,Tomas Moya, Alex O’Brien, Jazmine Paje, James Perry, Liam Shaughnessy, Llwyd Teves, John Underwood, and Amelka Warot.

Thank You to their dedicated, faithful, and loving Catechists, growing with them in sharing God’s love: Caroline, Christine, Geraldine, Gina, Hilary, Lynne, and Martin (yes, a man!) And to their teachers and assistants in Saint Helen’s School.

And thanks also to their parents, who have brought them so far into sharing God’s life and love, in fulfilment of the commitments they made at the children’s Baptism.

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