Life to the Full

A Parish Mission with a difference! 16th – 20th October

A month ago we celebrated 50 years of our fine church building with reminders that baptism called us to be living stones building a spiritual temple. For firm foundation Christ as the cornerstone, and to ensure that we are building a strong structure we all need to work together, aligned on him.

So this Mission weekend is first for us, the Parish and Community of Saint Helen. We share the same faith – let’s agree on that. We are called to life together in Christ – let’s clarify what that is and how we work it.

But it is also for the people and communities among whom we live: Christ came for them too, and offers us all a secure base from which to shape our private, public, and communal life. Christ opens us to what really matters, what is true and good about us as humans. Christ offers a future, hope which is not just optimism but a way to the fullness of life.

All are welcome and invited to look again, and celebrate life to the full.

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Mission Prayer
Heavenly Father,
You powerfully blessed us by giving us the sure hope of eternal life,
through Your Beloved Son.
Pour out Your Spirit upon our Parish family;
empower us to witness to you and guide us to invite others.
May our Mission weekend refresh and renew our personal faith and hope in You.
Encourage us to join together to rejoice in Your Word,
and bless all those who come seeking to know more of You.
Through the intercession of Mary, our Mother, and Saint Helen,
may Your love grow amongst us.


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