Living Stones

Beach_Stones_2Thank You and Congratulations to the whole Parish on the beautiful and joyful celebration of the 50 years of our church building, and to all who worked so hard for it. Proposing, planning, and preparing.
Inviting special guests, and looking after them when they replied and came.
Doing out the church – The 50th anniversary banner designed and stitched by Catherine and her versatile team.
The flower-arrangers excelling themselves in creations of gold.
The secret cleaners, including Graham, Tony on lights and cobwebs assisted by Martyn, Cliff on kneelers, and Mary and Luigi on candle grease.
Norma’s linens- and Louisa on altar cloths, candles, and the sacristy.
Imagining the liturgy and putting it together to make it happen.
Preparing the music, Brett practicing us, the musicians and choir in tune, and everyone singing with gusto.
The newly confirmed welcoming at the door.
The flock of altar-servers trained and well turned-out by Tom and his two dressers.

And the great assembly of so many members of the parish, living stones bringing your imaginative and artistic stone stones to decorate the altar.

And the celebrations after in the Hall: The team that planned the reception and ordered the food; Mike i.c. the gazeboes; Vic’s running compilation of photos and memories; Tony clearing more cobwebs; The fun-raisers decorating, and laying out the food; Zanzibar on the booze, and clearing up everything after; And the wonderful cake baked and iced by Edna. Oh, and the Archbishop and priests.

Thank you to everyone for making the Jubilee such a memorable celebration. Our fine church building is here, thanks to the faith, vision and fund-raising of our fore-fathers and mothers, to build up our faith and that of future generations.

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