Pope Francis: ‘Nonviolence: A Style of Politics for Peace’

pope-francis-in-prayer_mediumPope Francis is calling on political and religious leaders, on the heads of international institutions, on business and media executives and on all men and women of goodwill to become instruments of reconciliation and adopt nonviolence as a style of politics for peace.

The Pope’s appeal comes in the fiftieth Papal Message for the World Day of Peace, marked on 1 January.

In his message, Pope Francis remarks on the fact that we find ourselves “engaged in a horrifying world war fought piecemeal”, and that “violence is not the cure for our broken world.”

To read the full text, click here.

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The Word This Week

st-john-the-baptist-detail-from-the-annunciation-from-the-isenheim-altarpieceIn many ways the readings this Sunday are simply a continuation of last week. Isaiah gives us more details about the work of the Messiah, and Paul invites us to continue to be patient until the Lord’s Coming. What is slightly different is the voice of John the Baptist this week: last week in Matthew 3 he was proclaiming with utter confidence that someone is coming. Now, in Matthew 11, he asks Jesus from prison: Is it you? For us, as we listen to these scriptures, we are being offered something very particular: the prophecies of Isaiah (and indeed the prophet John the Baptist) are pinned down firmly and securely in the person of Jesus, Son of Mary. In fact, Jesus himself, in his reply to John says as much: “I am the Messiah that Isaiah prophesied.” Again we are invited to hold the images of the prophecies in our minds until Christmas, when we can look on the child in the manger and say: “We know who this is: it is the promised Messiah, God who comes to save us!”

Today’s Scripture (Psalter: Week 3)

Isaiah 35: 1 – 6, 10
God himself is coming to save you.
Response: Psalm 145
It is the Lord who keeps faith for ever,
who is just to those who are oppressed.
It is he who gives bread to the hungry,
the Lord, who sets prisoners free.

It is the Lord who gives sight to the blind,
who raises up those who are bowed down,
The Lord, who protects the stranger
and upholds the widow and orphan.

It is the Lord who loves the just
but thwarts the path of the wicked.
The Lord will reign for ever,
Zion’s God, from age to age.

James 5: 7 – 10
Do not lose heart for the Lord’s coming will be soon.
cclamation for the Gospel:
Alleluia, Alleluia. Alleluia!
The spirit of the Lord has been given to me.
He has sent me to bring good news too the poor.
Alleluia, Alleluia. Alleluia!

Matthew 11: 2 – 11
Are you the one who is to come, or have we got to wait for someone else?
Prayer of the Faithful:    R/. Lord, keep faith.

If you’d like to read today’s readings, you can find them on Catholic Online

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Prayer to St Helen

st-helenSaint Helen,
beloved Patroness of our Parish.
You left these Celtic lands
to become the first Christian
Empress of Rome;
You were cast off by your husband,
and so are the patroness of the Divorced;
and in old age you went as a
pilgrim to the Holy Land,
and there sought out and
recovered the True Cross.
Teach us also to seek and find
the truth of the cross
in our own lives and history,
and through it, renew our faith and hope
in the resurrection of Christ,
our Saviour.

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How does our church work? How do we work our church?

Last weekend we were offered an invitation and opportunity for us all to see where or how we can contribute to the continuing life and up-building of our church and faith in this parish community. Forms were handed out after Mass inviting us to tick the boxes indicating what we could do for our church. If you haven’t already done so, could you please take a couple of minutes to fill out the attached form to register your areas of interests and offers on the form? You can either email it back to us or return it in the box in the porch as you leave Mass.

Click here to Download the form.

Click here to send the form back by email.

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This Saturday is Curry Night at St Helen’s

exhibitionOn Saturday 12th November we will be holding another Curry night. This is a great chance to prepare your favourite curry dish and share it with friends and family in the parish hall. We’re thinking of Rogan Josh, Madras, Vindaloo, Jalfreze, Korma, Tikka Masala. Or how about brining some poppadoms, chutneys, bhajis, koftas or whatever takes your fancy. And don’t worry if you’re unable to bring anything, as there will be plenty to share. Last time we held this evening we had a great turnout and had an excellent evening. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 12th November at 7.30 pm (after Mass). Please let others know and share this on Facebook

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The Word This Week

The Son of Man has come to seek out and save what was lost. 

There is a subversive humour in today’s Gospel which turns upside down the conventions of everyday life: we see a senior tax official climbing up a tree for a glimpse of Jesus, and the faintly ridiculous scene where Jesus stops, looks into the branches of the sycamore and says, “Zacchaeus, come down!” Did Zacchaeus worry about what people thought? The rest of the story shows that he did not. It would be easy to laugh at little Zacchaeus – and people in the town probably did, in between muttering about his extortionate taxes. And yet he has understood the message of God more clearly than others: he reveals the meaning of the first reading, since he understands that God is gentle, merciful and loving. Jesus corrects him, “little by little…so that he may abstain from evil and trust in the Lord.”

Today’s Scripture: (Psalter: Week 3)

Wisdom 11: 22 – 12: 2
You are merciful to all because you love all that exists.
Response: Psalm 144.

I will give you glory, O God my King,
I will bless your name for ever.
I will bless you day after day
and praise your name for ever.

The Lord is kind and full of compassion,
slow to anger, abounding in love.
How good is the Lord to all,
compassionate to all his creatures.

All your creatures shall thank you, O Lord,
and your friends shall repeat your blessing.
They shall speak of the glory of your reign
and declare your might, O God

The Lord is faithful in all his words
and loving in all his deeds.
The Lord supports all who fall
and raises all who are bowed down.

2 Thessalonians 1: 11 – 2: 2
The name of Christ will be glorified in you and you in him.

Acclamation for the Gospel:
Alleluia, Alleluia. Alleluia!
Blessings on he King who comes,
In the name of the Lord!
Peace in heaven
And glory in the highest heavens!
Alleluia, Alleluia. Alleluia!

Luke 19: 1 – 10

Today, salvation has come to this house.

Prayer of the Faithful:
R/. Lord, raise up all who are bowed down.

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The Word This Week

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: (Psalter: Week 3)

Habakkuk 1: 2–3; 2: 2–4.
The upright man will live by his faithfulness..
Response:   Psalm 94
Come, ring out our joy to the Lord,
hail the rock who saves us.
Let us come before him, giving thanks,
with songs let us hail the lord.
Come in; let us kneel and bend low;

let us kneel before the God who made us
for he is our God and we //
the people who belong to his pasture,
the flock that is led by his hand.

O that today you would listen to his voice!
‘Harden not your hearts as at Meribah,
as on that day at Massah in the desert //
when your fathers put me to the test;
when they tried me, though they saw my work.’

2 Timothy 1: 6 – 8, 13 – 14.
Never be ashamed of witnessing the Lord.
Acclamation for the Gospel:
Alleluia, Alleluia. Alleluia!
Speak Lord, your servant is listening: you have the message of eternal life. Alleluia, Alleluia. Alleluia!

Luke 17:5–19
If only you had faith!

Prayer of the Faithful: R/. Hear our prayer

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