Papal Conclave Begins Today

St Peters Square pre-conclaveThe Papal Conclave to elect a new Pope wil begin today. 115 Cardinals will come together in the Sistine Chapel to begin the process to elect a successor to Pope Benedict XVI. The last public event for all 115 cardinals will be a mass which will be held in St Peter’s Basilica this morning.  They will then make their way to the Sistine Chapel where the first vote is expected to take place in the evening. From then on two votes will be held each day – 12:00 (11:00 GMT) and 18:00 – until one candidate reaches 77 votes or a two-third majority.

Here is the mass booklet for tomorrow. You can watch this Mass and other live events on the Live Streaming page of the website of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

If you would like a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel, click on the image below. Here is one for the Pauline Chapel.

Virtual Tour of the Sistine Chapel

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