Fun-Raiser Group

Who Are We?
Fun-Raisers is the event organisation and fund-raising group serving the Roman Catholic parish of St Helen’s in Caerphilly, South Wales.

We are a relatively small, but dedicated team of individuals who meet to discuss, plan and orchestrate events which are intended to socially mobilise the community and simultaneously serve the fundraising needs of the parish. We are always happy to welcome newcomers or guests to our meetings and are grateful for feedback, new ideas and perspectives.

We named ourselves “Fun-Raisers” to convey the idea that what we do does not always have to have a fundraising agenda. We often aim to stimulate and enrich social interaction amongst parish members as well as build a closer and more vibrant link between the parish and the community at large.

Our Fundraising Target
Our current target is to raise sufficient funds to clear the outstanding debt on the Community Hall, which is a brand new structure equipped with modern facilities (toilets, kitchen, audio/video entertainment system and meeting room). The Hall was opened to the public  with the help of a Welsh Assembly grant, albeit the parish still had to raise a significant amount of money to make the project viable.

The Fun-Raiser Group uses the Hall extensively for its functions and its meetings. However, it remains a public venue and is available to book by the hour by the general public for parties, celebrations, membership meetings and group activities. As such, the Hall plays a key role in serving the community’s needs.

Should you wish to help organise parish fundraising or social events, please get in touch and thank you for your enthusiasm!


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