Parish Mission Biographies

We are blessed to have a great line-up of presenters for our 2014 Life to the Full Mission has. Read a brief biography about them below and make sure to check out other details regarding our Parish Mission.

David-PayneDavid Payne
David is the Director of Catholic Evangelisation Services based in the Westminster Diocese near London. They produce the widely used CaFE (Catholic Faith Exploration) DVD resources which are used in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. David is an ex-drug addict who found freedom in Christ 25 years ago and since then has been helping Catholics to find fullness of life in the Spirit. He is an inspiring and entertaining speaker and retreat giver and author of Alive, Dare To Believe & Strength to Strength.

He is married to Giovanna and they have 3 teenage children.

Jenny Baker
Photo-Jenny-Baker2Jenny is a wife and mum to twin daughters. She is a gifted communicator, with a passion for ministry to families. She has worked for CaFE (Catholic Faith Exploration) as a presenter and producer of parish/school DVD resources. She is the Regional Coordinator of the popular Celebrate Catholic Family Conferences that run throughout England and Wales. Previously, she worked for CaFE (Catholic Faith Exploration) as a presenter and producer of parish/school DVD resources. Jenny is known for her practical and down to earth explanation of the Christian faith using personal experiences to illustrate her teaching.

Tim Stevens
Tim brings a different testimony with elements that many will identify with. His account speaks of a workaholic who lost focus on what is important. Faced with a threat of drugs to the family, he bears witness to the power of God to change lives and to seriously protect our children in a challenging world. Tim was a senior detective leading murder and rape investigations, now he works for the faith charity CaFE helping to spread the Good News through mission, conference speaking, retreat giving and film production. Most recently creating faith testimonies for the Bishops’ Conference.

Steve Murray
Behold Mime Ministry began in 1997 when Steve finished his training in Los Angeles where he studied under Todd Farley at the Mimeistry International School of Mime and Bible college. It all began when Steve was given a prophetic vision by a church leader. The vision was of Steve with his face all white. Soon after this vision Steve was shown a video of Todd Farley and as he watched, God so clearly spoke, telling him that this is what he must do. Only then the penny dropped because the mime on the video had a white face! From that day on all the doors opened for Steve and his ministry has grown from strength to strength.

Steve now lives in Chelmsford, Essex with his wife Debbie and children Jessica, Aliya and Grace. Steve met Debbie at a mime workshop back in 1997 and were married the same year. They both members of the Elim Life Church.

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