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Palm Sunday of the Passion of our Lord (9th April, 2017) **Latest**
5th Sunday of Lent (2nd April, 2017) 
4th Sunday of Lent (26th March, 2017) 
3rd Sunday of Lent (19th March, 2017) 
2nd Sunday of Lent
 (12th March, 2017) 
1st Sunday of Lent
 (5th March, 2017)
8th Sunday of the Year
 (26th February, 2017)
7th Sunday of the Year
 (19th February, 2017) 
6th Sunday of the Year (A)
 (12th February, 2017) 
5th Sunday of the Year (A)
 (5th February, 2017)
4th Sunday of the Year (A)
  (29th January, 2017) 
3rd Sunday of the Year (Year A)
 (22nd January, 2017)
2nd Sunday of the Year
 (15th January, 2017) 
The Epiphany of the Lord
  (8th January, 2017)
Mary, the Mother of God (1st January, 2017)

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