Reading the Council for The Year Of Faith

The ‘Year of Faith’ marks the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. Continuing our look-again at the Documents of the Council, we move on to the document on The Church, ‘Lumen Gentium’. This document put “The People of God” back at the centre of our picture and understanding of the Church, and broadened our sacramental and ecclesial vision with the concept of ‘Communio’.

On Tuesday 23rd April Monsignor Bob Reardon will give an introduction to the document, at 6.30pm in the Hall. This will be part of the Parents’ Preparation for their children’s sharing in Communion, and open to all the Parish. As with the other documents, it will be followed by an opportunity to read through the document together over the weeks of Eastertide, in preparation for Pentecost, the Birthday of the Church.

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