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“There’ll Be Trouble About …!! ” …
Yes, Tuesday is All Hallows Eve, the day we gather up all we know or love who have died, and work to pop them out of purgatory by persistent prayer: Then we can remember most of them the next day, All Hallows, and continue to pray for the rest the following day, All Souls.

Wednesday is the lovely Feast of All Saints, celebrating all the famous ones, and also the holy people we have been privileged to know, people like our parents or our teachers, or fellow – parishioners who have shared God’s love with us, “All Hallows’’. We are called to celebrate the feast with Mass at 10am or 7pm, and with family celebrations of our own between. Happy Feast Day!

Then on Thursday we celebrate the Feast of All Souls, a chance to pray for all who have died, and the start of a month of prayer for all our loved ones who have gone to God. Mass through the month will be offered for the Holy Souls, except where there is a pre – booked intention: – Please place th e names of the members of your family and friends whom you would like prayed for in the basket on the corner of the altar.

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