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This Sunday is traditionally called ‘Good Shepherd Sunday’, because of the Gospel references to Jesus as the Good Shepherd. It is also the day of prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood. On this Sunday we hear one of the great ‘I am’ statements of Jesus from Saint John’s Gospel today ‘I am the gate of the sheepfold’. Through Jesus we enter into life and safety, and we ‘go through Jesus, the gate’ by baptism. This image is implied in all today’s readings: the people listening to Peter find this gateway and enter through it: Peter writes to remind us that we have come back to the Good Shepherd, who heals us by his wounds.

Today’s Scripture
(Psalter: Week 4)

Acts 2:14,36–41
Response: Psalm 23: – Hymn Book No. 806

1 Peter 2: 20 – 25.
Acclamation for the Gospel
Alleluia, Alleluia!
I am the good shepherd, says the Lord;
I know my own sheep and my own know me.


John 10: 1 – 10

Prayer of the Faithful:R/. Lord, give us life, to the full.

Today’s Readings can be found on Catholic Online.

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