The Word This Week

After our brief excursion last week into Saint John’s Gospel, we are back on track this week with Saint Luke – whom we will follow for the rest of the year. Today is about beginnings: the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. It begins with the Word of God, in the synagogue. Jesus reads from the Old Testament, as we do every Sunday, and tells the people that it is fulfilled in him. Everything that God has said to his people, through his prophets, comes together in Jesus, the Incarnate Word of God. Today is an ideal Sunday to think about the ministry of reader – about how as readers we make present the same fulfillment, Jesus, when we read the word of God in our Churches.

Nehemiah 8: 2 – 6, 8 – 10;
1 Corinthians 12: 12 – 30;
Luke 1: 1 – 4, 4: 14 – 21

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