Top tips for using Zoom

Getting started on Zoom


  • One steady lamp, directly by your face, for even, steady lighting
  • Avoid sitting with your back to the window, as the camera will expose for the light and make you into a silhouette
  • Face the window or have the window to the left or right
  • If light is not great one steady lamp, directly by your face, for even, steady lighting

Using an iPad or Smartphone?

  • Make sure it’s landscape NOT portrait
  • So, if you’re using a iPad don’t come too close and even consider using a book or  books to raise the iPad up
  • Also, if you’re using an iPad remember the camera is to your left when you set the screen up in landscape!
  • Try not to move your iPad too much – as mentioned above, prop the iPad up using books or similar.


  • If you have a bookshelf behind, be careful of “trinkets” on the shelf as they will cause distractions.


  • Cameras on smartphones and webcams are wide-angle. If you come too close they get distorted and we might even see up your nostrils!

Eye level

  • Try to ensure that you are looking eye-to-eye into the camera


  • Don’t stand too far from the laptop or iPad
  • You may want to connect your Apple (if you have them) earphones into the iPad or laptop to give better sound quality
  • If you do this, click on the arrow next to mute button to check they are selected.


  • Make sure you have enough battery for the meeting!

Internet connection

  • Make sure you sit somewhere with a good connection

And that’s pretty much it.